3 of the Best Ways to Get Fit for Free

One of the roadblocks people often say that impedes their attempts to exercise regularly is money. Gym memberships and workout equipment are expensive. But luckily, the great outdoors isn’t. So, here are three fun ways to get fit for free.

  1. Go on a Geocaching Quest

You may have heard of geocaching. At first, you might think this is more of a game than real exercise. Geocaching is an electronic scavenger hunt that uses GPS. There’s even an official website and it’s free. There is an optional premium membership, but with millions of free geocaches, you don’t need the premium version.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Install the geocaching app on your phone and register your account.
  • Geocachers hide a container they often disguise to be unnoticeable somewhere in the world and post it to geocaching.com.
  • Other geocachers search for containers.
  • Once they find one, they log their visit in the logbook inside the containe and put the container back exactly where they found it.
  • Finally, they log their visit on the website to let others know they’ve found it.

The goal is to find as many containers as possible. Here’s where the exercise comes in: geocachers love to hide their geocaches where they know people like to go. They conceal their containers in greenways, walking trails, bike trails, parks and nature trails. The geocaching rules guarantee geocaches are never closer than 500 feet. That’s a lot of walking or biking, especially if you want to log significant numbers.

  1. Create Your Own Fitness Scavenger Hunt

If you want to incorporate more exercise and less play, this is a relatively simple and fun scavenger hunt that doesn’t require any technology. Just follow these steps:

  • Plot your route. It can be a walk or jog you regularly take or somewhere new to explore.
  • Make a list of exercises you want to do during your excursion and give them corresponding landmarks or triggers. For example, at the first set of public monkey bars, stop for a designated number of reps for chin-ups, and so on.
  • Make the landmarks things you don’t necessarily know are on your route to keep things fun. Maybe stop for lunges when you spot a certain type of delivery truck or sports car.
  1. Conquer Your Local or National State Park

The walking and bike trails in state parks usually have an information wall or visitor’s center that includes paper trail maps. Here’s how to get started:

  • Take a picture of the wall or use your paper copy and mark the trail you want to take.
  • Never do the same trail twice unless you’ve already finished the whole park.
  • With each visit, plan a new trail to take.
  • Make it your goal to walk or bike every trail and every loop.
  • Prioritize them in order of terrain and skill level if necessary.
  • Once you’ve run out of walking trails, start on the biking trails.

These activities are free, yet challenging and interesting. So, get out there and exercise, but more importantly, have fun. Why break the bank on a gym membership when you can get fit for free?