4 Quick Tips on Better Beard Maintenance for Every Season

A healthy beard is an epitome of impressive. But, a great beard doesn’t happen overnight. Better beard maintenance means time well-spent on grooming as well as a striking display of effective self-care. Whether you’ve jumped on the Beardman train recently, or have had the face locks for a while, these four tips are useful for your facial fuzz excursion.

  1. Put on the Product

It’s not a secret, beauty products enhance your characteristics and well, beauty. So pick a product that works best for you. Although the number of products in the beard business is overwhelming, here are a few essentials:

  • Beard oil: A little goes a long way, but beard oil is helpful for dry, itchy beards and promotes hair growth.
  • Beard balm: The beard tamer and stylist.
  • Conditioner for beards: Get a conditioner just for beards to make it smoother.
  • Beard shampoo with exfoliant: Shampoo obviously washes the beard, but an added exfoliant digs deep into the pores. A good shampoo gets out all the grime that can prevent the growth of your beard.
  1. Seek a Professional

A barber gets paid to indulge you with the best possible hair care performance. In between your self-maintenance, it is essential to visit a barber occasionally, too. If you take your dog to a groomer in addition to bathing it regularly, that’s a well-cared-for animal. Your beard deserves and needs the same.

  1. Don’t Neglect Your Skin

Think of your face as a fresh patch of grass in need of gardening. It is necessary to prep the soil appropriately. If you don’t prep and care for your face first, your beard is most likely doomed.

  1. Go-Go Gadgets for Your Beard

Better beard maintenance requires the use of a few basic tools, such as:

  • Comb: Longer beards tend to tangle. A comb will effectively organize the mess if any.
  • Brush: Soft bristles help tame the face fuzz
  • Scissors: The cut and length of your beard is your oyster. Healthy beards need regular trims to clip dead ends and to keep your desired length.
  • Razor: A razor helps with the neck area. The shape of the beard under your chin should represent a “U” shape.

Beard maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult or even time-consuming. With the proper products and using a quick daily routine, your beard will look and feel amazing. And an amazing beard is a great self-confidence builder.