5 Classic Fall Activities That Make the Perfect Date

It’s fall and the temperatures are changing, along with the foliage. With all the fun summer activities slowly ending for the season, you may need some fun ideas for autumn excursions. So here are five classic fall activities for the perfect date.

  1. Visit an Orchard, Farm or Pumpkin Patch

A day trip to a local orchard can be one of the most romantic fall activities that’s sure to please anybody. Take in the elements of farm life, pick your own pumpkins or go for a horseback ride at a nearby farm. Enjoy the fall scenery, along with the tastes and smells of everything autumn has to offer.

  1. Search for Antiques and Handmade Crafts

Explore rare finds and unique memorabilia with a day trip to a remote antique mall or craft festival. Buy a souvenir or two to help commemorate your date. Fairs and festivals are one of the top classic fall activities you can enjoy, no matter where you live.

  1. Explore a National Park

If being outdoors and hiking is your thing, you can venture to a National Park. This time of year means the trees are bursting with color. So even the most beginner trails can offer breathtaking views. Bring the camera and spend this beautiful time with nature.

  1. Take a Tandem Cooking Class

Consider surprising your date with a pre-arranged cooking class session. Plan for just the two of you or a few close friends to create mouth-watering dishes. Maybe even get inspired for new ideas for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner menu, too.

  1. Jump on a Plane, Train or Automobile

One of the most spontaneous fall activities is to go on a last-minute weekend trip. Just jump in the car and head out for a scenic day drive to a charming bed and breakfast. Book a train ride to a nearby city for a day of shopping and take in the sights. Take advantage of a last-minute flight deal for a weekend getaway.

Enjoy your special someone this fall and be spontaneous. Take advantage of the fall activities available and enjoy yourselves on the perfect date. And, perhaps you’ll soon be looking for winter activities to enjoy together, too.