5 Holistic Ways to Ease Your Baby’s Stuffy Nose

Allergies, colds and the flu can often cause babies to have a stuffy nose. And while older toddlers and children can blow their own noses, babies haven’t yet mastered this useful skill. A stuffy nose, however, can be a huge irritant for a baby since they are obligate nose breathers.

This means they can’t yet breath through their mouth, but only their nose. And as many dads know, a baby with a stuffy nose has a lot of trouble feeding and sleeping. So here are some ways to ease your baby’s stuffy nose.

5 Things You Can Do About Your Baby’s Stuffy Nose

You can’t give small babies cold meds or medicated nasal sprays. Instead, parents should opt for one or more of these holistic tips to help make the baby comfortable:

  1. Use a Gentle Saline Spray

One to three drops of a non-medicated saline spray in each nostril helps loosen and thin mucus secretions. Once thinned, some babies will sneeze out the gunk in their noses. You can also use a nasal aspirator to gently pull the mucus out.

  1. Make Sure Your Baby is Hydrated

Make sure baby stays hydrated. Taking steps to unclog their noses just before feeding time can help them get more fluids. Giving your baby plenty of fluid to prevent the baby’s stuffy nose from being a problem.

  1. Try a Soothing Humidifier

You can run a cool mist or warm steam vaporizer in the room where the baby sleeps. Some of these are non-medicated, while others use a small amount of Vicks Vapor Rub. Always check with your doctor before using anything new for your baby, though.

  1. Sit with Baby in or Near a Hot Shower

Sit with your baby in the bathroom or beside a hot, steamy shower. Be careful not to let the water splash baby, as it can be hot. The steam will help to break up mucus in their nose, throat, and chest.

  1. Sock It with Vapor Rub

Many people swear by a little bit of Vicks vapor rub on the bottom of baby’s feet. They have a special version just for infants, but check with your doctor before using it or if you have any concerns. After rubbing the Vicks on baby’s feet, cover with two pairs of socks and leave overnight.

It may take a little persistence and a combination of the tips listed above, but it is possible to use holistic remedies to help your baby breathe. Once a baby can breathe well through their nose, they can eat and sleep better, both of which are necessary for the healing process. Your baby’s stuffy nose shouldn’t be a big problem with these holistic tips.