5 Interesting Ways to Wipe Out Winter Workout Boredom

Changing up your fitness routine will keep your body in shape and your mind motivated through the winter. You’ll avoid burnout and also gain mental benefits when you change up your training and force your body to move in new ways. Trying a new winter workout can be intimidating, but the benefits make taking the risk are well worth it.

  1. Jump for Joy

Trampoline parks are becoming a popular alternative to typical gyms. They offer unique fitness classes and a new twist on dodgeball. Visit your local trampoline park for a fun way to add something new to your fitness regime this winter.

  1. Lace Up Your Skates

Putting on a pair of skates this winter isn’t just for kids, women in sparkly tights or men with hockey sticks in hand. Head to your local indoor rink to carve up the ice and your muscles at the same time. Or, look for a roller skating rink nearby. Not only is skating a fun change from the treadmill, but it also tones the legs and glutes along with strengthening your core.

  1. Take a Dip

Don’t pack away your swim trunks just yet. Winter is a perfect time to hit the pool for a few laps at the local gym or community center. Swimming is a great winter workout because it’s easy on your joints. Also, the warm water will be a welcome change from the cold, dreary weather outside.

  1. Climb the Walls

If you love outdoor adventures and want to keep your adrenaline up during the boring winter months, the thrill of indoor rock climbing is a refreshing alternative to a stair climber. It is something the entire family can enjoy together.

Not only does climbing focus on building great arms but it also tones the back, shoulders, and legs. Many cities offer rock walls with instructors and varying degrees of difficulty to accommodate every level.

  1. Put on Your Gloves

No, this winter workout doesn’t involve the fuzzy sort that keeps your fingers warm. Put on a pair of boxing gloves and hit the ring for something exciting and new to your workout routine. Boxing is the ultimate cardio workout that engages both your upper and lower body. You don’t have to be a professional to begin boxing. Many gyms offer instruction and classes for all fitness levels.

The trees may be bare and the temperatures are low, but that doesn’t mean your health can fall by the wayside. With these interesting winter workout routines, you can stay in shape and actually love wintertime.