5 Safety Strategies You Need to Know for Using a Polearm Chainsaw

It is said that polearm chainsaws were invented because regular chainsaws and ladders don’t mix. A rickety ladder and a power tool with a rapidly whirling blade are a prescription for disaster. With the proper safety procedures, a polearm chainsaw will help you trim those hard-to-reach branches on your trees. So here are some tips to help you use your polearm chainsaw safely.

  1. Read the Manual

Make sure to assemble your polearm chainsaw properly. So, always read and follow the user’s manual. Also, fill the oil reservoir to the proper level to extend the life of the chainsaw.

  1. Use the Right Extension Cord

Polearm chainsaws come in gas-powered, and corded or cordless electric-powered versions. Corded electrically powered chainsaws are the easiest to handle, but you must use an extension cord specifically for outside work.

  1. Dress Properly

When using a polearm chainsaw, dress properly. Wear a long-sleeved flannel shirt and heavy, long slacks. And don’t forget the work boots and gloves. Also, wear a hard hat to ward off falling branches.

  1. Take the Proper Stance

Take a stable stance when operating the chainsaw. Use the tool at an angle so when you cut the tree branches, they fall away from you. Do not raise your arms over your head when using a polearm chainsaw. Make sure that no one else, especially children or pets, is in the area where you are working.

  1. Know Your Branch Smarts

When you are cutting a branch, don’t try to force the blade. The blade will do all the work for you to cut through the branch. If you have trees that need trimming with branches that are higher than you can reach with your polearm chainsaw, it is best to call in a professional. They have the best tools to do the job safely.

Most polearm chainsaws can detach from the polearm for use as a regular chainsaw. You can use the regular chainsaw to cut up the branches you’ve separated from the tree. The branches make firewood you can use either for an outdoor fire pit or an indoor fireplace.

Working around the yard and house can be extremely satisfying and you’ll save money, too. However, safety always comes first, so be sure to know the rules before you cut any branches this year.