25 of the Best Side Jobs for Teens to Level Up Their Finances

House Sitting

Many people need someone trustworthy to watch their homes for them. If your teen can get references and referrals, that will help them get more clients and earn more money.

Teach Computer Skills

Teenagers can have fun by teaching computer skills to mature workers and seniors. They’ll have to be patient and answer every question in simple detail.

Create an App

There seems to be an app for everything these days, but the market still has room for new developers of all ages. Although many schools are teaching tech, there are lots of online coding and app development courses to learn the basics.

Work at an Amusement Park

Amusement parks are fun, but when your teen works there, they get to have fun all day. They’ll make extra cash and learn some great work ethics, too.

Style Hair and Makeup

Your teen may not be old enough to get a cosmetology license, but that doesn't mean they can't earn extra bucks by doing amazing hairstyles or makeovers. Have them create a small portfolio and then offer their services to neighbors, friends and family.

Sell Homemade Goodies

Teens can sell their goodies at small local businesses like convenience stores, beauty salons, barbershops, restaurants and at local food festivals.

Design Websites

If your teenager knows how to design websites, they can do so for family, friends and others who need their websites designed or revamped for a set rate. This is a quick way to build their portfolio for when they enter this field in the future.

Sell Your Old Clothes to Consignment Shops

If your teen has a closet full of clothes that they no longer wear, they can sell them to consignment shops. The shops will accept the items they want and sell them to customers. And they’ll get paid a portion of each sale.

Drive for Uber

If your teenager is at least 18 years old, they can drive for Uber. They travel to different places every day and meet diverse customers. However, safety should be of utmost importance, so be sure to have them take all the necessary security precautions as a ride share driver.

Give Music Lessons

If your teen knows how to play a musical instrument, visit local community centers and talk with the directors. Also leave flyers at places such as churches, coffeehouses, elementary schools, clinics, and local social service agencies that serve children and families.


To make money blogging, your teenager needs to write posts in a specific niche at least once a week. To monetize their blog, help them with affiliate marketing by signing up to use their links on the blog. Each time someone clicks or purchases, your teen receives a portion of the affiliate’s revenue.

Sell Your Crops

Your teen can start by selling their produce at their local farmer's market. The next step is to sell their harvest at the local grocery store. Your teen should make an appointment with the store buyer first. Have them bring samples or a list of what to expect during the current season.

Coffeehouse Jobs

This is another job that builds a teen’s work ethics. Another perk of this job is that they’ll receive a small employee discount off their favorite coffee drinks.

Fast Food Jobs

Teens may think this kind of job sucks, but they'll learn a lot about maintaining a strong work ethic. And while the pay might not be the best, they can save some of their earnings to put towards a full-time home-based business.

Freelance Writing

Your teen can put their writing skills to use by working as a freelance writer. They must have great grammar skills and communicate well with their content. They should decide which niches they are the most passionate about, such as personal finance or music.

Call Center Representative

If your teen is at least 18 years old, they should consider working as a call center representative from home. They'll need to have a noise-canceling headset, a computer with a reliable Internet connection, and a landline phone for most of these positions.

Housecleaning Services

If your teenager has impeccable cleaning skills, they can clean homes on the weekends and during certain holidays. There is the opportunity to earn hundreds of dollars with this side job.

Washing Cars

There is no shortage of people who need their cars washed. Your teen can earn extra money for fun activities by doing this. Have them talk to your neighbors about washing their cars for a certain price, and they can go from there.

Selling Crafts

For teens who are skilled at making crafts, they can sell them on Etsy or at local arts and crafts fairs. This helps them hone their craft and gives your teen an idea of what to expect if they pursue this business in the coming years.

T-Shirt Design

Thanks to print-on-demand sites such as Cafe Press, Spreadshirt and Teespring, your artistic teen can put their designs on T-shirts. And better yet, there is no fee to join these sites.

Start a YouTube Channel

Yes, even teens can start a profitable YouTube channel. They can create a channel on reviewing video games, fashions or electronic gadgets. Or, they can make a channel that offers instructions on whatever skill or talent they possess.

Online Tutoring

Many teens struggle with different academic subjects. So, if your teen is skilled in certain ones, they can tutor teens in the neighborhood, or even at their school. They can talk with their school principal about advertising their services on the school bulletin board or website.

Pet Sitting

For teens who love pets, this is an excellent gig. Have your teen research other pet sitters to check the current prices. Then they can create some flyers stating their rates, availability, and any additional services they’ll offer, like grooming or walking.


Talk to friends, parents, neighbors, or older relatives about having your teen offer babysitting services for a price. It's a good idea for them to take a first aid and CPR certification course for safety and an advantage over other babysitters.

Mowing the Lawn

Chances are that your neighbors and others in the community need a lawn mowing service. So, go with your teen to visit your closest neighbors, friends and family to ask if you could offer lawn mowing services for a good price.