Say Goodbye to Sweating: 10 Big Benefits of Exercising in the Winter

Cold weather invigorates and motivates most guys to bound out of bed, pull on the compression shirt, sweats, gloves and hat and head outdoors for a workout. For others, the feel of a cold floor first thing in the morning means piling on the blankets and putting the exercise gear in storage. But embracing the autumn chill and changing leaves is the right time to renew your fitness commitment. Here are the 10 big benefits of exercising in the winter.

  1. It’s About Your Future

The long-term benefits of exercising in the winter, as well as all year include preventing future strokes, heart attacks, diabetes and degenerative diseases, such as osteoporosis.

  1. It’s About Your Fitness

Exercise benefits your bone and muscle structure, which is especially critical as you age. It also improves brain functions, such as memory and thought processes.

  1. It’s About Getting Out and Enjoying the Scenery

Whether you enjoy the sight of piles of snow, brilliant foliage or a steel-gray sky and bare tree branches, no human creates an art display like nature does when the seasons change. Exercising in the winter may be a challenge, but it has its rewards, too.

  1. It’s About Being There for Others

Your family and friends want you around, and the longer you’re eating right and exercising, the better your chances for a long and healthy life. And your workout buddies won’t be getting out of bed and hitting the asphalt unless you do it, too.

  1. It’s About Wearing That New Fitness Technology

Whether it’s a smartwatch, Fitbit®, Bluetooth®, FitTech® or any other tracker, you have to work out to wear it, so you can brag about what it really does. Exercising in the winter after the holidays is a good way to break in that new fitness technology.

  1. It’s About Fighting the Winter Blues

Less daylight affects sleep and social interactions. Exercising in the winter months helps lift your mood. Also, pairing up with a workout buddy makes you accountable for getting up and out every day.

  1. It’s About a Good Excuse to Enjoy Comfort Food

Too much heavy food packs on the winter pounds. However, regular winter exercise grants you the occasional opportunity to indulge in creamy hot soups, gravy on your potatoes and rich casseroles.

  1. It’s About Saving Money

Regular exercise keeps you healthy, which means fewer sick days, trips to the doctor, prescription drugs and work time loss. Exercising in the winter is a great way to keep your immune system strong and avoid being sick as often.

  1. It’s About Saving Time

When you schedule daily exercise, organizing everything else is easy. You realize it’s not the exercise that’s difficult, it’s finding the time. Once you do, your other tasks fall into place because you’ve decided that doing this one thing for yourself is important.

  1. It’s About Putting Yourself First

Appreciate the fact that your own health is paramount regardless of the season. Staying motivated to stay fit means cherishing the cold, finding satisfaction in the snowfall and admiring the ongoing changes in the weather. Exercising in the winter means you can do all that while keeping your own health goals a top priority.

Yes, it’s cold outside, but you can still find ways to keep exercising in the winter. You may not get out every day, but you should be able to find a few days a week to sneak in a winter walk, hike or skate session.