Why Sprinting is the Fastest Way to Improve Your Workouts

Every guy dreams of finding the perfect, effortless exercise that burns fat and gets them in shape quickly. While that exercise doesn’t exist, there is an incredibly simple exercise most men ignore in their workout routine: sprints. While they may seem simple, sprinting is the fastest way to improve your workouts. In fact, almost everyone would benefit by adding a session of sprints to their workouts at least a couple times a week.

But how do you get started? Most fitness experts recommend you run as fast as you can for 20 seconds with one minute of rest in between each run. You should work up to 30 repetitions per workout. So read on to learn about the benefits of adding sprinting to your fitness routine.

  1. Sprinting Offers Intense Cardio

Some guys love to go for a long run. If you aren’t one of them, sprints are going to provide the same benefits, yet you are going to finish your running faster. Even better, if you don’t like the exercises suggested, you can always change up your sprint routine to improve your workouts.

  1. Sprinting Improves Your Heart Health

Another benefit of the cardiovascular workout sprinting provides is that your heart health will improve by adding these reps to your workout. Sprinting can decrease your blood pressure. It can also help reduce your chance of getting heart disease, heart attacks and strokes, as well.

  1. Sprinting Burns Fat

Sprinting is a high-intensity workout that will boost your metabolism. This boost will not only benefit you during your workout routine, but it will also keep the calories burning, even after you are finished. That means you’ll improve your workouts even afterward.

  1. Sprinting is an Ab Workout

Obviously, you’ll be working on your legs as you run, but sprinting is one of the best ab workouts you can get. There is a reason that Olympic caliber sprinters don’t focus on crunches during training, yet still have such toned stomachs when they compete.

  1. Sprinting Stimulates Muscle Building

Sprinting is an anaerobic exercise, and studies have shown that it helps breakdown proteins by as much as 230 percent. This means, not only are you getting benefits from your sprints, with proper diet and rest, you’ll improve your workouts to produce better results, as well.

Sprinting is such a simple exercise that it should be in everyone’s fitness routine. Not only will it help burn fat, but the added cardiovascular and anaerobic benefits will help your entire body. So, start sprinting today and improve your workouts fast. Soon people will be asking you what you are doing to look so toned and healthy.